Esoteric astrology course on Mythopoetic

Esoteric astrology

Esoteric astrology is a fascinating field of study that combines traditional astrology with ancient spiritual wisdom. Unlike traditional astrology, which focuses on the personality traits of individuals based on their birth chart, esoteric astrology delves deeper into the soul’s purpose and the spiritual journey of each person. Esoteric astrology is based on the idea that each …

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Online astrological birth chart reading or personal horoscope interpretation or natal chart reading in astrology on Mythopoetic

In-depth individual chart study

Do you want to know everything you can about your horoscope but are not sure how to interpret it? Then this individual chart study might interest you! Your horoscope is an endless mine of informations, it is the map of your psyche and can help you tremendously to know yourself and understand your own personality. …

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