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What is Mythopoetic?

Mythopoetic is an international online platform which tends to connect artists coming from all over Europe as well as to promote their artworks on mythical and imaginative subjects.

What does the term “Mythopoetic” mean?

The word mythopoetic as such is to be brought closer to the term mythopoeia, describing the creation of myths and legends.

The mythopoetic mind of our ancestors perceived the world as laden with symbols and meaning. It is from this perception that myths appeared and were transmitted since the dawn of time. The very function of myth is to express the being and meaning of the world and of the human existence. Through myth, the world is understood as perceivable cosmos, or divine order.

How does the platform function?

Mythopoetic is a small company, which allows it to deal personnally with each one of its customers. Hence, each order is printed on demand, manually prepared and shipped.


What does the platform have to offer to the artists it collaborates with?

Artists do not necessarily have the time nor the capacities to sell their artworks by themselves. Mythopoetic takes this process over for them, but also takes cares of the publicity not only of their artworks but also of the artists’ reputations by presenting them both on the platform and on its social medias, as well as through the translation of their contents in english, german and french.

It is our belief that artists are the poets who can reenchant our world, and it is our ambition to enhance their role in society as well as to market their productions in an ethical manner.

How does it work?

Each partnership is secured by a contract in which prices, formats of prints and papers if applied, as well as requirements for production are agreed upon between both parties. Once the partnership effective, the artist’s artworks are sold on demand and the artist receives the margins from their sales every trimester.

How does the platform remunerate the artists it features?

Mythopoetic aims to enable the artists featured on the platform to generate a living from their artwork. To do this, each artist receives a remuneration on the sales margins of their pieces presented on the site.

How can I contact an artist?

Each artist featured on Mythopoetic have their own page presenting their works as well as a short biography of themselves and links to their website or social media. If those links are not featured, then the artist either does not have social medias or does not wish to be contacted.

I am an artist and I would like to be featured on the platform, how does it work?

Mythopoetic is always looking for new artists. If you think your works would fit the platform you can gladly contact us per e-mail at or use our contact formular. Please do include your works (portfolio, website, social media or files) with your message and we will come back to you as soon as possible.

Fine art prints

In order to guarantee the best possible quality, each art print sold on the platform is individually printed by us in our workshop and printed on fine art paper, the descriptions of which are detailed for each product. The art prints are numbered to guarantee this uniqueness to our customers, and to ensure that the reproductions of the pieces presented on the site remain rare.

Limited edition art prints

The artworks labelled “limited edition art prints” are issued as numbered limited editions with as many reproductions as shown on the product page. Once all the exemplars have been purchased, the artworks will never again be sold, neither by the artist nor by the platform. Hence, each limited edition art print on sale on the platform has a unique value.

How can I prove the authenticity of the art print I purchase?

Each art print has a security mark mentioning the references of the artwork as well as the paper type used on the series and its number within the series (for example 10/200).



When will my order be shipped?

Orders are being prepared and dispatched as soon as possible after reception of your order. You will receive a confirmation e-mail when your parcel has been shipped.

My package did not arrive

Unfortunately, shipping companies may sometimes encounter delays. If this happens, we kindly ask you to wait for a period of 30 days after placing the order before making a refund request. If your parcel hasn’t arrived within 20 days after order, please do write us using this formular.