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In-depth individual chart study

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About Course

Do you want to know everything you can about your horoscope but are not sure how to interpret it? Then this individual chart study might interest you! Your horoscope is an endless mine of informations, it is the map of your psyche and can help you tremendously to know yourself and understand your own personality.

During this individual session, we will study your birth chart in-depth and determine what major themes emerge from it, what areas of your personality might present some challenges and how to balance them, and will analyse together all your placements and their meaning.

What Will You Learn?

  • This in-depth look into your horoscope will give you unique insights to your planets, placements and overall chart.

Course Content

In-depth individual chart study
One-to-one in-depth study of one particular birth chart.

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9 months ago
Before the birth chart reading I was merely curious about Astrology and had a rudimentary understanding about it. I thought I had understood the cornerstones of my chart like the Ascendant, the Sun and the Moon and did not delve much deeper into my horoscope.

During the reading Alexandra showed me such a detailed and insightful way of viewing and connecting the dots in my horoscope which made me become more and more interested in Astrology and to unveil the mysteries of my horoscope further on my own.
She showed me that ones horoscope is like a Nexus of information, an ocean of Stars, not just the Ascendant, the Sun and the Moon.
Many things Alexandra pointed out helped me gain a deeper understanding about myself.
Answering a lot of my questions quite beyond the textbook answers I got from reading the usual astrology literature.
My entire life I was occupied with the question of the right path for me in life and I am grateful that this deepened understanding helped me see I might be on the right track now.