The energy of an object

Once upon a time, people had few but were surrounded by meaningful belongings. Their possessions had their own stories, their own energies, and were manufactured: they were created from nature by skilful hands. They were unique. It’s time to find meaning again, welcome on Mythopoetic.

The energy of an object

 Once upon a time, people had few belongings. Besides the potential lack of money and costs of goods, there was also another good reason for that: everything had to be manufactured. That meant everything had to be done by hand, with the help of carefully chosen tools, thus an object never was neutral since it carried the energy of its making, of its maker, of its material, as well as the joy its purchaser experienced by obtaining it. Since they would often outlast their owner, they would be transmitted from generation to generation and would then keep on living and somehow participating in history, as a testimony of their epoch.


In a nutshell: objects used to have meaning.


Now, if we consider the life of a modern industrially-made product, the story is quite different. Cheap materials, systematic realisation, chain of production, low costs: in terms of quantity that is a jackpot. Thus we became richer, in quantity at least. We discovered we could buy a lot, change whenever we wanted, surround ourselves with things to fill our big flats, our big houses and maybe it could help to mask our loneliness just a little bit.


But here it is: all those objects also carry also their energies or lack thereof with them. And here we stand, surrounded by toxicity, stuffed, drowning under the weight of all those possessions that, in the end, do not matter that much to us. Modern society has sickened itself with a model that fundamentally broke with a way of having we were living by since the very dawn of time.


It is with this reflection in mind that I created Mythopoetic. I wanted to create objects which would go beyond their mere function, whose value would surpass their monetary price: between art and crafts, the pieces offered on this platform are all produced individually when ordered. It means that the artwork you will receive at home has, somehow, really been made for you. It implies that the movements accompanying their making are being added to them. It ensures that the care being put into each and every detail leads you to have a unique piece whose value isn’t comparable to the average poster you order on an anonymous industrial-sized webstore, but makes it a personal piece of beauty which provenance you know, which history you know, and which creators you will get to know here on Mythopoetic.


I hope you will enjoy those pieces as much as we do enjoy creating and manufacturing them.

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