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Relationships in astrology

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About Course

Are you interested in diving deeper into the ancient science of astrology? Astrology is one of mankind’s oldest spiritual traditions. We can date the science of the stars at lest back to the ancient civilisations of Babylon and Egypt, where the art was considered the foundation of all knowledge.

In this second module, we will study relationships with the lens of astrology and you will learn how to compare astrological charts, judge compatibility between individuals and understand the purposes and challenges of relationships.

What Will You Learn?

  • At the end of the formation, you will receive a diploma of the completed full course. The content covered in the course will as such also enable you to council people individually or as couples.

Course Content

The horoscope in regard to relationships
The Sun, Moon and Ascendant placements in the astrological charts in regard to relationships and needs.

  • The horoscope in regard to relationships



The relationship houses

Synastry: the art of chart comparison
Synastry corresponds to the comparison of two charts and their interaction with each other.

Composite: 1+1=3
The composite chart is a constructed chart based on the midpoint of two charts and creating a third entity, namely the relationship itself.

The relationship chart: from the first meeting

Case study
This class will be devoted to the study of the charts of two partners through the methods learned during this course.

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3 months ago
This course is a very fine expansion on the introduction to astrology. The basic principles explained in the introduction are applied to a concrete field of study (relationships) which helps with repetition and deepening of knowledge. Since our personal and romantic relations shape all our lives in prodound ways, this is probably the most accesible of the advanced courses.